USA Dance (Los Angeles County) Chapter #4031


USA Dance, Inc. is a nationwide nonprofit with over 150 chapters and over 20,000 members. With this kind of reach, our organization is often asked to help publicize local events. It is National policy for chapters to promote only those events and organizers who offer benefits for chapter members, typically admission discounts.

Such promotions are now handled through our email list and our Facebook group. For this reason, the Los Angeles County chapter is no longer maintaining a community social dance calendar.

You can find some information on the Local Resources page on this site. Please be aware that this information is subject to verification. Call the venue before you go if you are not absolutely certain the dance is taking place.

Our calendar on this site will focus on chapter events, local amateur-focused competitions, and the occasional special event. We are always looking for volunteers to help update the information we provide to our members.


A directive from USA Dance National under which this chapter operates is to avoid the appearance of favoritism. For this reason, since we have been financially able, we have rented dance venues rather than "piggyback" on local studio dances. This is also why we seek instructors from throughout the metro area, in a variety of dance styles.

Another directive is to avoid direct competition with existing events. For this reason, our chapter dances are generally held on Sundays, when our event will not conflict with other regularly-occurring events in west/central Los Angeles.

These constraints do limit the dates we can schedule a dance, and the locations we can use. Our location is also to a great extent determined by the domiciles of our principal volunteers. These arrangements are not matters of official policy, but of a wish to preserve and enhance our chapter's relationships with social dancers, studio owners, and other members of the dance community.